Leather Womens Sandals

Leather thong sandals will never go out of style, right? They’re the perfect, basic, open footwear that features a minimalistic design. These womens sandals are held by a thong and/or a strap. The prettiest leather thong sandals are the ones that are jeweled and considered boho-chic.

Beautiful Womens Sandals

Iconic model Christie Brinkley is known for her sky-high womens sandals on the red carpet, but when she’s hanging out, she’s an active woman on the go and will choose flats. If Christie is going to be photographed, she has often said she will “suffer in heels.”

Christie has been seeing shopping in leather thong sandals and going out to dinner wearing womens sandals that are beautifully embellished with jewelry.

Jewelled Womens Sandals

Jewelled sandals are so striking to look at, and your eye immediately goes to the ankles and feet. You don’t need the height of other sandal types. Jewelled sandals are special because of the unique materials used to embellish them. These womens sandals can be inexpensive to very expensive depending on the brand and ornamental design.

Ease Of Movement With Womens Sandals

Some women adore jeweled sandals but are afraid that the embellishments will break off and ruin the entire look of the footwear. These womens sandals are more for show than traipsing through tough terrain, but they are sturdy enough to handle hours of movement. Expensive jeweled sandals often have each “gem” sewn on by hand rather than glued on to the leather.

Rhinestones are a favorite “jewel” often found on embellished sandals because of their sparkle and “diamond-like” appearance. Not only are crystal rhinestones popular, but these shiny faux gems come in lots of pretty, vibrant shades like emerald, peridot, sapphire, ruby and amethyst.

Faux pearls are another material used to embellish sandals and amp their beauty to another level.

It seems like every pair is different from the other when it comes to jeweled womens sandals. This is how to select great sandals. The design can feature square, round or marquis faceted jewels or a combination of all three. The result is a pair of sandals that look expensive, exotic and stylish with a bohemian flair.

Jeweled sandals aren’t just for the beach, either. These shiny embellished thong sandals look pretty in the city, walking around and hanging out.

Every woman’s feet look and feel glamorous in thong sandals that are emblazoned with jewels. The embellishment adds refinement to a basic flat, thong style sandal and can be worn with a variety of ensembles.